Adom Partnership International (API) is a Christian ministry dedicated to empowering the children of Africa to break cycles of poverty in their families and communities. By ministering to the spiritual, economic, and educational needs of impoverished African children, API seeks to raise up a generation of Christian leaders who will help shape their country with wisdom and integrity.


Adom Partnership is:

Amazing Grace Form 1 Teacher

  • Africans ministering to Africans. The founders and directors, Rev. Dr. Joseph and Florence Mante, are Ghanaians who minister with the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. Rev. Dr. Mante has pastored 19 village churches throughout the Ashanti region and serves as dean of Trinity Theological Seminary in Accra, Ghana.
  • Seeking to be self-supporting. Adom’s goal is to start various kinds of businesses that will serve the local community, create jobs, and produce revenue to fund the school and other future services such as a health clinic and farms. Donations and the child sponsorship program serve only to get the initial school and its students established until it can become fully self-supporting.
  • Meeting both physical and spiritual needs. Adom provides education, food, health care and many other fundamental human needs. But we believe that the most fundamental need is to receive God’s love, so the Adom Partnership seeks to be a witness of Jesus’ love and desire for relationship with every human.


API Mission

API serves Africa’s impoverished children by preaching the message of Jesus Christ in the context of long-term economic development. API funds the Amazing Grace Preparatory school in Ghana, West Africa, which provides hundreds of rural children with education, meals, basic health care, and transportation.

The school’s mission is to develop Christian leaders who can shape Africa’s future. By sponsoring a child, sponsoring a teaching position, or giving a one-time or recurring donation, you can be a part of Christ’s work in Africa.

For more information on the Amazing Grace School, please visit the About section.