Christian Spirituality – Introduction and Acknowledgements


From time to time, we will post sections from Osofo Mante’s book entitled An Outline of Some Basic Principles of Christian Spirituality.  Here is the Introduction to the book.

Introduction and Acknowledgements

This book on Christian Spirituality is not meant to be an exhaustive piece on the subject.  Rather, as the title indicates, it is only an outline of some basic principles of Christian Spirituality.  Each chapter could itself be a book on its own.  However, each theme which is lifted up here is very important and has not only been well thought out but also put in practice by many spiritual giants.

There is so much confusion about the spiritual life these days and this book has been written to give some basic ideas of what should constitute, at least, proper spirituality for the various Christian communities for which Jesus Christ is the fulcrum and center of gravity.  The book is thus not for everybody but for Christian believers who love their Lord and are eager to grow in Him.

The book is outlined in such a way that it can be easily used by adult Christian groups for discussions.  Hopefully, adult Christians who love the Lord will make good use of this book.

So many people have helped me in bringing this book into shape.  I cannot mention the names of all of them but I am very grateful to them all.  However, I should mention the adult group of the Fontana Presbyterian Church who were the first group to whom the content of this material was taught.  Their interaction helped me a lot in finishing this material.  I hope that others will find it helpful too.

If after reading this material you wish to write to me, please do not hesitate to do so by writing to me.