Adom Partnership International (API) seeks to build an international and mutually transformative community between Ghanaian and American Christians. We are primarily a family seeking to grow in our relationships with Christ and one another, through which we are changed and strengthened to bring change to our respective communities.


API’s vision is not only to provide for basic needs, but to equip and empower people to break the cycles of poverty. The goal is a permanent improvement for the lives of individuals and families.

Family Values

  • 3 Amazing Grace students

    Prioritizing relationship. Our most valuable resources are the many deep and impactful relationships between members of our family. Developing and nurturing these cross-national relationships is our primary aim.

  • Giving and receiving. We recognize that by design each member of our multi-national family has areas of abundance and need. We gladly give out of our abundances and gladly receive into our needs.
  • Serving together. A natural overflow of our family being knit together through Jesus Christ is compassion for those in need, and a natural response to our compassion is to serve as we can, together.

The Amazing Grace Preparatory School

The primary manifestation of the partnership within the API family is the Amazing Grace Preparatory School in Kumasi, Ghana. API helps fund Amazing Grace, which provides hundreds of rural children with education, meals, and basic health care. The work API does through Amazing Grace has become a central meeting point for all members of our family. In our shared effort to see Amazing Grace and all of its students thrive, we naturally grow closer as an international community.

History and Leadership

The Adom (meaning “grace) Partnership was created when Ghanaian Rev. Joseph Mante and his wife, Mrs. Florence Mante came to the United States. Joseph Mante initially came for his doctoral studies. While there, the couple met several Christians in Los Angeles who shared the Mante’s vision for a school. Soon after, Rev. Mante and his wife Florence opened the doors of Amazing Grace Preparatory School in 1994.

Since then, API has provided financial support to the Amazing Grace School and sent teams of summer missionaries to visit Ghana and help with building and construction projects. In 2002, API was incorporated as a 501(c)3 organization.

API is lead by an international Board of Directors.  Serving on the board are Ghanaians Rev. Dr. Joseph Mante, his wife Florence Mante and their daughter Jennifer Mante, as well as a Americans Mark and Jen Redekopp, Jerry and Vickie Ito, Sam Rizk, Scott Hall, Jared Warner, Brian Wong, Sam Rickert, Jessica Lira, Shauna Rodman, Dennis Chao, Laura Pahler, Laura Van Alstine, Paula DeVaughn, Stephanie Wang Lin, and Beth Winton.